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3D Prints and
CNC Machining

Get a 3d print for you or a loved one.

High speed internet for your
home or business

Plans starting at $31.00


On-site technician with solutions for your computer,
networking/WiFi, and electronics needs.

Antenna Installation

Count on our seasoned technicians for impeccable Starlink antenna installations.
No location is off-limits. From climbing roofs to navigating challenging terrain, our customized Starlink installations cover it all.

Laptop and
Desktop Repair

Get your computer fixed by one of our technicians.

Website Maintenance
and Development

Get a custom website built for you or your business.

Business and
Home Phones

Customized plans for each situation.


Custom Builds

Computer Repair


Courier Service

About Us

Don Creighton, FM 98.1 Blackburn Radio -

"You always need someone you can trust for computers and the internet. Tom and TechAlley Computers are those guys. They are able to dumb it down... mostly, so I am able to understand what needs to be done! If the issue is more than I can handle, they are quickly available to remedy the problem. I recommend them all the time."

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