LAN Party Checklist

Stuff to do Pre-LAN:

  • Register with TechAlley
  • Pre-Pay in Advance for VIP
  • Choose your pizza type and Seat
  • Pre-Install All Games as Per Official Games List on Facebook Page & TechAlley Website
  • Power: if your Computer is greater than 600w of actual power, please notify
  • Join the TechAlley Discord Channel ( )
  • ( Please install discord software first, then add this link to join channel )
  • Join the "Battle of the LAN" Steam Group server, this is where we will send game invites from , as well to co-ordinate messages

Stuff to Bring:

  • Gaming Computer
  • Monitor of reasonable size (24” or under)
  • Power Cables, 2x (one for computer, one for monitor)
  • Video Cables & Necessary Adapters
  • Keyboard / Mouse / Mouse Pad
  • Joystick / Gamepad (optional, but recommended for racing games)
  • Headphones (speakers are not permitted)
  • Microphone for Battle of the LAN Discord Channel
  • Game installation media ( if your still old school, and don’t use steam )
  • Signed Policy / Waiver Form (more will be supplied at the door)
  • Food (Snacks, Drinks, etc )
  • $$$ for Snacks / Meals, Misc.
  • Small Fan (optional, might be hot in event)

Stuff to do post-LAN:

  • Pack up all your gear
  • Please fill out our survey @
  • Clean up your Area
  • Group Photos
  • Like our Facebook and thank the hosts!
  • Sleep
  • Consider TechAlley for your Next computer purchase, upgrades, Android TV Box, Phone/ Tablet Repair, Internet Service & 3D Prints!
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