1) Are we able to leave our gaming rigs at the event space overnight while we rest (so we don't have to haul the systems back and forth etc.)?

Your gaming rig will be safe overnight (TechAlley Computers claims no responsibility for it). All attendees must find accommodations elsewhere while the party venue is officially closed. The venue is physically secured by key fob entry!

2) How does physical access / entrance to the building work?

Access to the building is controlled by Key Fob - only TechAlley Computers employees have permanent access. 

  1. When you first arrive, call 519-660-6160 and someone will come to let you in.
  2. If you are returning to the event and your friends are already inside, you can always have them come down and let you in.

3) What to do, and where to go when I arrive?

You must sign in with TechAlley staff , so we can give you a admission bracelet and collect your signed waiver form. 

4) Do I have to arrive or leave at any designated times?

You may arrive and depart from the event at your own convenience. The event opens and closes at specific times See the schedule for full details.

5) Why does the event close during the night?

Due to venue regulations, attendees are not permitted to stay overnight. Plus, the staff needs to sleep :)

6) Can minors (<18 years of age) attend this event?

Absolutely! There MUST be an adult present at all times who assumes responsibility for the minor, and parental consent MUST have been acquired. Contact for more details on this. You will be provided a special Guarantor form. 

7) How can I win the prizes?

TechAlley hasn't officially nailed this down just yet! We are thinking we will have some door prizes that can be won with a door ticket, possibly also some "Death Match" style prizes awarded to last man standing in FPS Titles, or even highest kill streak on the server, etc. As well maybe some Prizes awarded for 1st Place in Racing Titles!

8) My question is listed, who did i contact ?

Please address all questions or concerns to

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