Custom PC Builds

TechAlley Computers is your #1 stop for custom built systems. Whether it's for gaming or just watching videos online, we've got you covered!

We try to build the system around your needs, whether you have a certain budget in mind or specific requirements for your games or job, we will always do our best to create the right system quote that fits your needs. Don't get stuck buying a pre-built off the shelve system with limited options and no wiggle room for adjustments, buy a high quality custom built system from TechAlley Computers!

We take pride in our system packages, making sure to only use brand name parts, with good reviews, and excellent price to performance ratios. It doesn't matter if you have the cheapest package or the most expensive package, we take pride in our work, and ensure you have neat and tidy cable management, optimized performance, and the system is configured correctly.

All System Packages are backed by our 1 year in-house warranty. It doesn't stop there, unlike other pre-built systems from box stores, our systems aren't out of warranty after 1 year because we only use brand name components which all carry their own manufacture warranties, so most components include anywhere from 2-5 year additional warranties!

Stop by today and have TechAlley Computers do your next system quote!

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