3D Printing Services


3D Printer Diagnostics: Starting from $59.99

Is your printer not printing properly or damaged. Bring it in and have TechAlley Computers take a look at it for you. We can advise what needs to be repaired with the printer and get you up and running again

3D Printer Repair Services: Please bring in for a Diagnostic prior to repair

TechAlley Computers can help to repair your 3D Printer and get you back up and running. Dont have sloppy prints, bring it in for repair or maintenance. 

Each 3D Printer is unique and each problem is unique, the same way a computer can have issues and need to looked at before determining repair costs. After doing a diagnostic we can quote repair costs and needed parts.

 3D Design Consultation: $49.99/hr

Come sit down with our designer, and get your idea made into a reality! Our in house designer will sit with you to help take the idea you have and put it into a rough draft for later design creation. We can also provide a quote of time needed for the actual design creation at this point!

3D Design Creation: $39.99/hr ($19.99 per 30 min over first hour)

Have our designer make your project into a working 3D Model. This is the actual design process turning your project into a digital model for later printing. Model will be provided in STL format. Times can be broken down to 30 min intervals.

3D Printing Services: Email us your STL File for a quote (

Have us print your 3D Model in a variety of materials ranging from PLA, Flexible PLA, Transparent, ABS, ASA, TPU, Brass Fill, Wood Fill, PETG, PVA, Nylon, and HIPS. We can also print in a wide range of colours. Stop by to see all the choices available.

Additional materials like rubber, metal, high resolution nylon, and HD plastics are also available at an offsite facility.

Support Material Cleanup: $19.99/hr ($5 per 15 min)

This is a service offered after your print is completed. 3D Prints will always require support materials when being printed otherwise your model would just collapse. TechAlley Computers can remove support material and clean your 3D Print afterwards so it looks like the item you wanted. Time can be broken down to 15 min intervals during the cleaning process. 

Vapor Misting (ABS only): $19.99

This is an upgrade service used to really showcase your 3D Prints. Make your prints really come to life with a nice glossy looking finish!