3D Printing

Have an idea for a product you have been thinking about? We can get your idea into a real workable product to start testing in the real world! TechAlley Computers can assist you with a design consultation, design the model for you, print the model, and clean it and polish it afterward! 

TechAlley Computers is London's only 3D Print shop where you can go to have your ingenious designs, creative works, prototype products and industrial form fit and finish printed!

We can Print in almost any material including: PLA, Flexible PLA, Super strong, Transparent, ABS, ASA, TPU, Brass Fill, Wood Fill, PETG, PVA, Nylon, and HIPS

Additional materials like rubber, metal, high resolution SLA and HD plastics are also available at an offsite facility.

Stop by today to see our machines, and variety of materials and colours available. For a qoute please send your STL File to 3dprints@techalley.ca


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